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Here is a one stop solution online Children Educational Toys store for busy parent with young children who lives away from the shopping mall to make online purchase on educational toys, busy working adults who are looking for educational toys presents, small business owner to bulk purchase best educational toys, shop owners to look for updated educational toys products. Here you can know exactly what deals are available and what kind of best educational toys carries in our toys store to makes a purchase.

What educational toys kids want? Our goal is to provide online resources with the best educational toys information and navigation for online shoppers who needed to make an informed decision. That's why we've set up a website that gives valuable educational toys information that's delivered through your wide selection of educational toys product ranges from Crafts toys, Build and construct toys, Home and Kitchen toys with the selected toys Brands that cater to young children of all ages from 2 years old and above.

Educational toys such as Crafts toys, Build and construct toys , Home and Kitchen toys are typically built for and used by young children. It is more than just play, it also educating young children. It instruct, promote intellectual, emotional and enhance skills development to the children. It teaches children about a subject and help children learn and develop skill such as creativity skills development, motor skills development, imagination skills development and social skills development while playing with sibling or others. The children will learn and develop skills while playing with these educational toys.

These educational toys are designed with the young children education and development in mind today. As parent and educator grow more sensitive to the real skills development needs of young children. These educational toys which tend to last for a long time serve to maintain interest and durability for the young children especially if the educational toy becomes a favourite.

I had selected these category of best educational toys such as Craft toys, Build and Construct toys, Home and Kitchen toys dedicated to showcasing different areas of young children needs because these are my children favourite. My eldest girl who is 6th years old starts to play the craft toys; play doh, build and construct toys; Lego, Home and kitchen toys; Just Like Home toys since she is 2 years old. And now she is enjoying playing with her younger brother who is 2 years old. Both are enjoying the fun while playing with the best educational toys.

Toys Video Demo I had selected the best educational toys video demo playing instruction from Youtube: Craft toys where it can shows young children how to use the Play-Doh toys tools, Build and Construct toys where it shows young children how to build and rebuild the building blocks, and know the different types of food and fruits we have from Home and Kitchen toys such as Just Like Home toys. Having to visualise the playing instruction from toys video demo before play will help to build the children confident level and familiar with the Craft toys, build and construct toys, home and kitchen toys when they are playing. They will be excited after watching the playing instruction toys video demo and will be happy to receive the best educational toys.

Craft Toys includes Play Doh Home and Kitchen toys where children learn to mold, slice, and serve their own toys cooking creations, Play Doh Hair Salon toys where children learn to model compound create exciting styles by loading 1 or more colors of Play-Doh compound in the dog or cat thimble figure, Play Doh Cup Cake toys where children can use the toys cupcake with toys muffin maker with plunger, toys cupcake cap, toys muffin cap, extruder with decorating stripand. Children who like to play cooking toys, hair trimming toys and baking beautiful cup cake toys would be happy to receive these Craft toys. The most important is children can learn to mix the colour by using the primary colour: Red , Blue and Yellow to create new non-tonix compound colour that they want. Don't be surprise that few days later after playing the Craft toys; play doh your children will tell you green is coming from a mixture of blue and yellow compound. This is how we can build our children confident level too. Cheers! Go to the Craft toys page for colouring mixing guide for your children.

Build and Construct toys includes Lego Duplo is suitable for young children because the building block is bigger hence easy to hold in small fingers. Young children can learn to build and rebuild colourful building blocks into a tunnel, building or dog house with a roof that opens.
The other Build and construct toys; logo series is suitable for children who can learn to build the building blocks with the guide of the playing instruction book with the steps from begin to complete with numbers and diagram/picture of the building blocks design, shapes and colour. Children learn to see the 3D form of building blocks at all angles to build the shape and position accordingly to the playing instruction booklet to complete the building blocks theme set and eventually children can play with it with fulfilment. This also helps to build children confident level. For my children, I will let them see the playing instruction video demo first and then they will figure out how to build and rebuild the building blocks theme with little help from me. Here I have selected a few build and construct toys theme such as:
Lego Princess series such as Elsa are the popular girls favour which includes a toys castle with icicle tree, sleigh, secret staircase, ice cream bar, bed and an ice hill Accessories
Lego City for children who have the dream occupation like police, the building blocks includes minifigures with 2 policemen and a crook. Features a Mobile Police Unit with control room, 3 surveillance screens, jail and detachable trailer with support legs.
Lego Mincraft - The First Night includes a Steve with a weapon and assorted accessories, plus a Creeper and a pig and a sword, minecraft is the current top list game for the kids.
There are many more others various building blocks toys theme at the Build and Construct toys page. Do take a look and Hope you like it!

Home and Kitchen toys includes the basic Kitchen toys Set, Cooker toys set ,Tea toys set, Food toys set , ice-cream toys maker and home keeping toys set where children learn to cook the toys food and pretend serve tea in a toys cup , make their favourite toys ice-cream and finally children learn to do the clean up after play. Children can learn the name of assorted pieces of play food such as pizza, vegetables, corns and fruits such as toys watermelon, apple, orange. Children-sized food pieces are designed like all sorts of breakfast, lunch, dinner and toys snack items. Toys Storage container has a screw-top lid and handle for holding everything and helps children learns to keep organised any types of kitchen toys playset. This playing skills development during the childhood will helps to build the children confidential level in their social life.

Brands Here I have specially selected: Craft toys; Play Doh toys, Build and Construct; Lego toys and Home and Kitchen toys; Just Like Home toys. Play Doh: According Hasbro the current owners of Play-Doh, "In 1956, Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound, a non-toxic reusable modeling compound developed and introduced by Rainbow Crafts in Cincinnati, was first demonstrated and sold in the toy department of Woodward & Lothrop Department Store in Washington, D.C.", Lego: The Lego Group is a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark, and best known for the manufacture of Lego brand toys, Just Like Home toys is Toysrus Household brand which include a wide variety of cooking toys appliance such as toys toaster, toys rice cooker, ice-cream toys maker where children learn to operate it safely. Young children will definitely love it!

Do continue to read the Toys Video Demo, Craft toys, Build & Construct toys, Home & Kitchen toys and toys Brand pages about the latest educational needs to purchase the educational toys for your loves one! Be sure to visit us often to see what we have in store as we update regularly!

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