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Get Craft toys which emphasize creativity and movement of fingers!

It's important to choose the right Craft toys which young children is comfortable to feel the texture when they squeeze it and it is a non-tonix compound. The ultimate craft toys I have shortlisted is Play-doh ! It is More than Just Entertainment, it is those which require some kind of Critical Thinking skills and Problem Solving skills to play. Moreover, Play-Doh is a great craft toys to have on hand because it is re-usable, colourful, affordable, creative and easy to work with and are boys and girls favorite.

Tips for playing with Play-Doh craft toys

Craft Toys Stamping Fun is a great tools for young children if he is not strong enough to operate the Play-Doh ice-cream toys maker, give him a set of animal stamps toys to play with. The stamps toys can be pressed into the non-tonix compound over and over to make fun designs. Young Children can simply use the play doh to make into shapes like a small balls, banana, which is my 2 years old son favorite toys and fruit.

Craft toys Creativity Fun encourage young children to build out any scene they imagine with minimal guidance. You will be surprise to see the kinds of dialogs, stories, and ideas they come up with! Keep the creativity flowing by offering encouragement to the children for open-ended activities and encourage exploration, inspiration, and long-lasting play by saying things like: "I wonder what else you will make!" With parent participation and incorporating, this activity can give children opportunities to learn and explore a variety of concepts and work on creativity skills development by generating new creations, pretend Play, promoting an understanding of fantasy and reality fun. This will help to build the children confident level in social life.

Craft toys Colour mixing encourage young children to make different colours by mixing and pressing together the non-tonix compound by using a set of primary colored Red, Yellow and blue to can create a rainbow of colors. White play doh compound will create a softer colour, like red+white will create a pink and blue+white will become light blue. Colour mixing required Critical thinking skills, observing changes and problem solving skills where young children exploring before and after effect through observation of how colors mixed together. This can make the young children play experience more fun for both you and your children. It also helps strengthen and develop the tiny muscles in the fingers which can help them later manipulate writing utensils, integrated use of the senses, sight, touch, and smell and can help guide cognitive exploration skills developement. This activity can also introduce young children to early math concepts such as how proportions combine to produce a whole.

• STEP 1 : Take out 2 (or more) non-tonix compound Play-Doh colors from the cans and pinch off small pieces of each.
• STEP 2 : Using their fingers, children combine the non-tonix compound colors until they fully mix them to make a new compound colour.
• STEP 3 : Encourage young children to experiment! Explore changes in shade by adding more of one of the non-tonix compound colors they just used, or try new combinations of compound colors.
Try to mix small amounts of non-tonix Play doh together at first to experiment with colors because you cannot un-mix them! Thankfully, Play-Doh is still affortable, so you can always buy more.

Craft toys Table top tips: The best work surface for craft toys Play-Doh is a table with a smooth surface. If you don't have a durable surface for play, use a laminated, plastic play-mat to protect the table. Magazine paper will work in a pinch, but your children might not be happy when it keeps sticking to the play-doh compound.

Craft toys Cleanup: Non-tonix compound Play-Doh is easy to clean up. Use a larger ball of play-doh compound to stick on the same color crumbs. Toothpicks work great to poke play-doh crumbs out of the corner of ice-cream maker toys. Once you get most of the dough out, soak toys in the pail and use old toothbrush remove all the leftover crumbs. Wipe down table surfaces with normal stain cleaner remover.

Here I have selected a few range of Craft toys Play Doh Theme, take your time to view it!

Play Doh Kitchen Craft Toys

Play-Doh Meal Makin Kitchen craft toys
The craft toys set includes more than 20 pieces for a pretend feast of Play-Doh fun 10 recipe cards. Young children will learn to mold, slice, and serve their own cooking toys creations, fill the molds for toys foods like toy ham, toy french fries, and toy vegetables. And use the toys garlic press to create extruded toys bacon, toys string beans and other toys foods

Play-Doh Breakfast Time Set craft toys
Get children ready to roll, mold, squish and squeeze pretend breakfast delicacies with this set of fun toys tools and accessories. Mold pretend waffles, bread, eggs and bacon - then create colorful toppings and serve up your creations. With loads of accessories and lots of bright Play-Doh non-tonix compound, making a special "breakfast" has never been more fun! A creative breakfast play-set craft toy comes with everything you need to cook up a pretend Play-Doh-style breakfast. The set includes 5 cans of Play-Doh compound and 10 accessories

Play Doh Hair Salon Craft Toys

Play-doh Fuzzy Pet Salon Animal Activities Playset - Peluqueria De Mascotas Y Animales craft toys
The craft toys set includes playset base, 2-piece chair extruder, 2 character thimble figures, plastic razor, mirror, and 3 cans of Play-Doh modelling non-tonix compound. Young children can create exciting styles by loading 1 or more colors of Play-Doh non-tonix compound in the dog or cat thimble figure, put the figure in the chair extruder and then press out as much or as little hair as they want. Use the plastic razor, pretend scissors and mirror to style the pet's hair to make him look his best! Style your pet's hair over and over again for hours of imaginative play

Play-Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel Hair Designs Set craft toys
Young children can learn to roll a braid with the braid roller, add Sparkle and accessories, crimp and cut the pretend non-tonix compound sparkle hair. The craft set includes styling head extruder with removable tiara; base; braid roller; plastic scissors; comb cutter wheel.

Play-Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon Playset craft toys
The craft toys is a high quality toys for young children all ages because it is made using safe materials and tested for quality and durability. Rainbow Dash Style Salon playset includes pony extruder that looks like Rainbow Dash, Grow rainbow Play-Doh hair for rainbow Dash, and toys scissors for pretend hair cut and 6 cans of Play-Doh Sparkle non-tonix compound.

Play Doh Cup Cake Craft Toys

1995 Play-Doh Fast Foods Cupcakes & Muffins craft toys
Young children will learn to mold pretend "cream-filled" pastries! The set includes toys cupcake/muffin maker with plunger, cupcake cap, muffin cap, extruder with decorating strip (5 designs), serving tray, plate, 2 plastic "wrappers" with molds, pastry cutter with candle mold, and 2 two-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling non-tonix compound.

MOLITONG 3D DIY Hamburg and Fries Dough Plasticene Clay Toy Play Set craft toys
The recommend young children age is above 3 years old. The set includes full pack of toys hamburger fries shaping mold, plates, knife, cups and other shaping tool and colourful non-tonix compound. It is made of safety ABS plastic and comes with 8 pack of different color reusable non-tonix compound.

Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe craft toys
Let young children create some of the most colourful toys treats they can imagine with this whimsical sweet shoppe. Swirl, scoop and mold lots of pretend toys goodies, including soft-serve toys ice cream in cones or cups, mini candies, cookies, pretzels even decorate a toys cake. With two swirl designs children can create colorful cones they’re sure to have everyone screaming for play-doh-style ice cream toys. Children can even top their magical masterpieces with fun toppings, like sprinkles or make-believe whipped cream. The craft toys playset includes 4 three-ounce cans of play-doh non-tonix compound and over 40 molds and accessories.

I'm sure your children will enjoy playing the Craft toys, hope you enjoy browsing this page and do to invest in a good quality Craft toys Play Doh that provide your children with an opportunity to develop skills and experience new skill sets. Hurry! Shop for these Craft toys based on your children age and ability to enjoy while he plays.

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