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Get Home and Kitchen Toys set to exercise your kid’s imagination skills, and socialising them to play well with others!

You will find many home and kitchen toys that children can find way of learning about their surrounding and how mummy cook. It is good to invest in good home and kitchen toy set for your children to exercises key skills and qualities on how to cook and serve the food on dishes, how to cut the fruits and how does the fruits and the seeds inside looks like, how to pour the tea from the tea pot to the tea cup and so on.

Exploration is the heart of home and kitchen play, and in your child's mind any experiment counts. With plenty to choose from I'm sure you will be able to find the good quality home and kitchen toy set from Potable Kitchen, Rice cooker playset, Tea time playset, Play food set, Ice-cream maker set, House keeping and many more. The popular brand will be Just Like Home playset.


Compact, stylish, modern kitchen makes a great addition to any play area Cabinet door opens, with storage inside, working microwave and oven doors Clicker knob above oven door. Burner has electronic cooking sounds. Chrome look towel rail Refrigerator door opens, room inside to store food. Feet under base add height.

Your girl can cook up a delicious dinner for her dolls or playmate! A make-believe slow cooker-just like the real thing, the dial turns, the lid comes off, and the cooker dish comes out. Also features pretend food and place settings for two:
• Pieces of chicken and broccoli that fit inside the slow cooker, Faux dinner rolls and fruit, A pretend bottle of barbecue sauce
• Blue dinner plates, Green fruit plates, Metal forks and a butter knife, Tongs, A butter dish with a removable lid, Embroidered fabric napkins, A hot pad, Polka-dot milk glasses

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Tea Set

Have a tea party with your Magical Tea for Two Set Tea appears in the pot and once poured it disappears Tea magically refills after setting it back down Utensils in the set also includes service for two: two cups, two saucers, two spoons Even comes with cookies for a delicious snack

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Food Set

Teaches indepent play and imagination Realistic cutting sounds 105 pieces; including fruit; vegetables; snacks; pizza; waffles and more Goes great with our Kid Kraft kitchens No assembly required

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Ice cream

Here I would like to introduce LEGO DUPLO Creative Play 10574 Creative Ice Cream
Features 3 ice cream cones, 6 colored tops, a blueberry brick, cream brick and classic DUPLO bricks Enjoy playing with the cones, bricks and toppings to see who can make the biggest, tastiest or craziest ice cream cone! Enjoy unlimited creative fun with all of the different elements; Tactile play with each of the round, finger-friendly bricks LEGO DUPLO products are fun and safe for younger hands Tallest ice cream measures over 7" (18cm) high, 2" (6cm) wide and 2" (6cm) deep

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House Keeping

Waterproof caddy with cleaning supplies that spray, squirt, scour, and scrub Includes storage caddy with handle, spray bottle, squirt bottle, scouring powder can, squeegee, cloth, scrub brush, sponge, and cleaning checklist Real squirting and spraying action make it great for bath play Cleaning checklist helps kids learn what supplies work best on different household items and areas Promotes fine and gross motor skills and encourages imaginative play; not for use with real cleaning materials


Just Like Home Cash Register - Colors may vary by My Cash Register Have fun while you learn your way around the cash register's addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions. Once you've checked out your groceries, develop math concepts with the cash register's working calculator. 7.24 is your change. 'Scan' all the groceries with the light-up hand-held scanner, then pay the cashier in cash or plastic. The credit card scanner tells you that your card has been approved. ships fast AGES 3+

Do enjoy the Just Like Home Kitchen Cashier Video demo!

Shop for these home and kitchen toys based on your child's age and ability to enjoy while he plays. Do continue to browse through the Brands page for more information and video demo!

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